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Long Term Car Rental

Long Term Car Rental

Your company is operating in a growing environment. So are your employees. This is why you must provide them with additional commodities, praise them and motivate them. Easy Rent a car Macedonia is giving you the opportunity to cover the needs of your employees. Our proficient stuff is able to suggest a program that will cover those special needs. This way you are given the opportunity to cover all your company needs, without committing to the responsibilities of having your own company fleet.

“Drive” your company with the Long-term rental Easy Rent a car Macedonia can provide and enjoy our skilled service management, for the time you will specify, either for a single car or for an entire company fleet.

Liberate you company from the excess responsibilities that arise from owning a car fleet and gain:

You and your employees will be free to spend your time more productively given that we will be handling everything that has to do with the usage of your company cars.

Long-term renting is tax deductible unlike ownership.
Your monthly rental remains stable throughout the whole rental agreement period.
You avoid the especially high cost of handling one or more cars.

Capital Freedom!
You do not trap your valuable capital by purchasing company cars.

Whichever the needs of your company, we will provide you with a program that will cover them.

Are you interested in a cooperation for long term rentals/leasing?
Do you only need one car?

Targeted at small and medium size companies as well as individual professionals.

This program provides:
 From 1 month rental ability
 Stable monthly rental
 Car maintenance
 Car repairs
 Car tire replacement
 Insurance
 Road Taxes
 Road Assistance
 Temporary replacement of your car when it needs service
 Accident management

Are you interested in a cooperation for long term rentals/leasing?